In light of the extensive flooding experienced in parts of the country, NFU Scotland President Martin Kennedy has today met with local MSP John Swinney at a Tayside farm to discuss the impact of severe flooding in the area.

NFU Scotland President Martin Kennedy said: “The level of flooding seen in some parts of Scotland was exceptional, and our thoughts are with the friends and family of the man still missing in the River Tay.

“The union is using its network of regional managers, group secretaries, and local offices to monitor and report on the situation. Reports and social media coverage of the extensive flooding, landslips and road closures, significant areas of grassland, arable ground, and high-value crops such as potatoes, broccoli, and turnips under water and the loss of fodder and bedding to flooding are clear indicators of the scale of damage in some parts.

“What this event clearly demonstrates is that, when it comes to risk, it is the farming industry that is left carrying the can. While some losses may be insurable, many will not, and it is likely that farmers will be left with a bill for millions. So I ask the Scottish Government to consider what short-term support it can offer to help the recovery process and to build a realistic margin from the supply chain that creates enough of a buffer to absorb this type of event”.