Recent statements from Lisa Hogan, Jeremy Clarkson's girlfriend, have raised hopes for fans of the popular show "Clarkson's Farm."

The Amazon series, in existence since 2021, has been documenting the former Top Gear host's journey as he manages the 1,000-acre Diddly Squat farm nestled in the Cotswolds.

Jeremy Clarkson, now sixty-three, had candidly contemplated selling his cherished property due to rising costs, a development that had concerned fans about the show's future.

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In addition, Amazon executives expressed dissatisfaction when the outspoken Grand Tour host's controversial comments concerning Meghan Markle drew public ire.

Currently, the third season of the show is swiftly progressing toward its production's culmination, as shown by Hogan's recent announcement that they are in the 'second-to-last week' of filming.

Lisa Hogan took to Instagram to share an image of the filming crew, and in the caption, she divulged that only one more week still is in the production schedule.

The Scottish Farmer: Diddly Squat farm shop

These hints from Lisa Hogan imply not only that the fourth season is in the works but also that viewers can look forward to the continued presence of Clarkson's farm on the show for years to come.

When questioned about the status of season four, the 50-year-old Hogan responded with a 'thumbs up' emoji, signalling positive news for eager fans.

Reports from September have confirmed the green light for the show's continuation, with Deadline revealing that Amazon was nearing a promising deal.

Fans can expect the release of season three sometime in 2024.