The wedding day is often a culmination of months, if not years, of meticulous planning and anticipation.

The Scottish Farmer: Abby Galling and James GallingAbby Galling and James Galling (Image: Abby Galling)

For Abby Galling (Cowe) and James Galling, their special day was set for the 15th of September 2023 at Oldcastles Farm in Berwickshire, and it was nothing short of unforgettable. As the newlyweds, they thought they had accounted for every possible contingency for their Wedding, but sometimes the unexpected can lead to the most cherished moments.

It's every couple's dream to have a perfect, sunny day for their wedding. Unfortunately, the unpredictable Scottish weather had other plans in store for the happy couple as when they woke up on the morning of their wedding day, rain was pouring down, casting a cloud of uncertainty over their carefully planned outdoor ceremony.

The Scottish Farmer: Oldcastles Farm in BerwickshireOldcastles Farm in Berwickshire (Image: Abby Galling)

They had prepared for this, with marquee tents and umbrellas at the ready, but one detail they hadn't anticipated was where they would take their cherished wedding photographs.

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As they were coming to terms with the idea of having their photographs taken indoors, a surprising and delightful idea came to the rescue. Abby's father, a farmer, had a particular attachment to his farming machinery, and suggested, taking photographs with the JCB, that made their day truly unique and special.

The Scottish Farmer: Abby, Her Dad and the JCBAbby, Her Dad and the JCB (Image: Abby Galling)

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