Renowned television personalities Jeremy Clarkson and Kaleb Cooper have raised concerns about a recent segment on BBC's Countryfile, expressing their discontent with the show's portrayal of badgers.

In the latest episode, veteran broadcaster John Craven, accompanied by Sammi Kinghorn, explored the South Downs, while farmer Adam Henson delved into innovative methods to help the agricultural sector achieve net-zero targets.

The Scottish Farmer: Badgers

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The contentious moment occurred during a segment in which Craven shared acts of kindness from viewers for the Wild Britain initiative. Home videos highlighted various creatures enjoying manufactured habitats and treats provided by the audience.

"Samantha from Harrogate has a picnic bench fit for a badger," Craven remarked, as the footage depicted a badger feasting on the food left out by a Countryfile viewer.

Jeremy Clarkson, who had previously highlighted the negative impact of badgers on farmers' cattle in his show "Clarkson's Farm," expressed his dissatisfaction by sharing the clip on Instagram with a simple, "FFS," addressing his 7.2 million followers.

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The Scottish Farmer: Jeremy Clarkson with Kaleb Cooper

Kaleb Cooper, responding to Clarkson's post, echoed his frustration with a comment, "Just thinking the same," accompanied by face palm emojis. Both Clarkson and Cooper appeared dissatisfied with the positive portrayal of badgers in the wild.

This discontent is particularly understandable for Cooper, considering his firsthand experience with the challenges posed by badgers, as highlighted in "Clarkson's Farm." The disagreement highlights a difference in perspective regarding the perception of badgers, emphasising the ongoing debate surrounding their impact on agriculture.