Fleur Baxter actively engages in diverse artistic projects, specialising in large-scale installations for both projects and businesses.

Fleur recently showcased her artistic prowess with a creation commissioned by Forbes at Kingennie Resort near Dundee. Additionally, Fleur was at Wester Essendy on Friday, December 1st, crafting more pieces.

Reflecting on her creative process, Fleur remarked, "You just have to go with the flow really!" Last week, she undertook similar endeavours at Westerton of Pitarrow and participated in the Farm to Table event at Laurencekirk. 

During pumpkin picking season, Fleur demonstrated her artistic versatility with projects at St Abbs and Madderty near Crieff, where she brought Super Mario characters to life and infused a touch of Hogwarts magic by crafting colossal Harry Potter characters.

Apart from her professional projects, Fleur dedicates her creative energy to personal endeavours, such as her bale creations at home. These initiatives serve a dual purpose of raising funds and awareness for various charitable causes, aligning with her overarching ethos of contributing to meaningful causes and brightening someone's day.

For those interested in witnessing Fleur's creative journey, she will be featured on BBC Landward in their end-of-season program scheduled to air on December 7th.