Pony owners in the New Forest have been hit by another spate of hit-and-run accidents.

The four collisions involving free-roaming animals were not reported by the driver.

A grey mare had to be put to sleep after a hit-and-run on the B3078 at Black Gutter on November 20.

Two days later a brown mare was injured in an accident on the B3058 at Wootton, near New Milton.

The third hit-and-run took place on the B3054 at Beaulieu Heath. The accident involved a two-year-old bay filly that had to be put down.

The fourth occurred on B3078 at Salisbury Trench and involved a pig that also had to be destroyed.

Two other animal accidents occurred in the same week.

A calf was injured on the B3054 at Hilltop, near Beaulieu, and had to be put down. 

A pony was involved in a collision at Abbotswell Road, Frogham. A search was carried out but the animal could not be found.