Sunrise Eggs, is set to pay out in excess of £240,000, following the tragic incident of 19-year-old, Ben Spencer, being fatally killed at the egg processing factory in April 2021.

Ben was involved in the catastrophic accident as a heavy goods vehicle was carrying out a complex manoeuvre on a road located at the Seagrave premises, as Ben Spencer was walking alongside the lorry. Health and Safety Executives discovered a severe lack of designated pedestrianised walkways whilst among moving vehicles.

Breaches of Regulation 17 of the Workplace Regulations 1992 were made by the organisation and Sunrise Eggs have since pleaded guilty, following a fine of £233,000 plus additional costs of £8,841 at a hearing held on November 22 in Leicester Magistrates Court.

Following the investigation, Andy Siddall, HSE enforcement lawyer explained; “Accidents like this simply shouldn’t happen and a mother shouldn’t have to hold the hand of her son as he lies dying in the workplace. So please check your workplace transport risk assessments, think carefully, and ensure that everybody goes home safely.”