AHDB and ITN TV have teamed together in a bid to promote the role of agriculture in providing sustainable food security and cleaning up misleading accusations made about livestock farming in regard to climate change.

The programme ‘Farming a Greener Future’ recently aired on platforms including ITN Business content hub, NewScientist.com and AHDB's website. Presenter and journalist Duncan Golestani leads the programme within the ITN London Studio, with the aim of promoting a positive contribution to the agricultural industry during these conflicting times.

The CEO of AHDB, Tim Rycroft, provided enthusiasm about the programme; “With livestock a cornerstone and integral to its future sustainability, we are proud to support British farming in building a resilient food system which provides food for all.”

Finally, Nina Harrison-Bell, head of ITN Business, also added; “Farming a Greener Future shines a light on the work going on in the sector and the many benefits of livestock farming, such as the nutritious food for the global population, the jobs it provides and positive impacts for our planet.”