Photography's perfection often relies on timing and being in the right place, as showcased by Tam Renwick's stunning image. 

Describing it as "Between the ears. Ace keeping watchful eye on the shearlings at Peel Farm, Clovenfords," Tam encapsulates the magic in a brief statement. 

The photo captures a moment of connection at Peel Farm, with Ace guarding the shearlings. Tam's skillful timing freezes this ephemeral instance, and the choice of framing provides an intimate perspective. 

The interplay of light and shadow enhances the visual storytelling. Tam's work serves as a reminder that photography is about more than images; it's about capturing emotions, stories, and connections. In this case, it beautifully encapsulates the unspoken bond between Ace and the shearlings, a narrative woven into the countryside at Peel Farm.

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