The Scottish crofter Donald ‘Sweeny’ Macsween makes a return to BBC ALBA screens tonight in a fresh episode of An Lot, delving into the summer of 2023.

Airing on 8th January at 9.30 pm, the documentary titled An Lot - Samhradh / The Croft - Summer, will transport viewers back to the vibrant months, showcasing Sweeny’s croft in Ness during that eventful summer. Anticipating more calves than ever, unforeseen challenges loom on the horizon.

Set against a backdrop of rising prices, Sweeny endeavours to revive ancient practices to cut down expenses. His quest leads him to explore a research farm outside Edinburgh, seeking solutions to reduce his croft’s carbon footprint, particularly by understanding methane emission from cows.

This documentary, crafted by MacTV, follows on from the previously aired two-part An Lot - Spring special in May last year.

From daunting setbacks to moments of delight, Sweeny’s firm passion for his croft promises to charm audiences.

Catch An Lot - Samhradh / The Croft - Summer on BBC ALBA tonight at 9.30 pm, or on demand with BBC iPlayer, in Gaeli featuring English subtitles.