A recently established political party is prepared to make an impact in the upcoming local and European elections this summer.

The Farmers Alliance was founded by Liam McLaughlin, a sheep farmer from Co Donegal. The party is gaining momentum with a focus on immigration measures and a firm opposition to Green Party agricultural policies.

Liam, who initially started the alliance as a Facebook group that quickly accumulated 20,000 members, shared that the party has received approval for registration, marking it as the 29th political party in the state.

The group has already identified 40 potential candidates and aims to gather well over 100 in the local elections scheduled for June.

They aspire to participate in the European Parliament elections and the upcoming general election.

A prominent feature of the party's platform is its firm opinion on immigration, advocating for robust border control and increased resources for screening asylum seekers.

Despite these policies, Liam denies the party being anti-immigrant or right-wing, claiming to group with communities opposing the establishment of asylum seeker centres in their areas.

On the party’s website they review successive governments for allegedly following instructions from Brussels, the party highlights negative policies affecting the fishing, sugar beet, and farming industries.

Specific concerns include the recently passed Nature Restoration Law and the reduction in Nitrates Derogation, which they believe will negatively impact farmers.