The February farmgate milk prices hold a ‘stable’ outlook throughout different UK milk processors.

Grahams The Family Dairy offers 35ppl to suppliers, with managing director Robert Graham commenting: “We are experiencing a period of stability on pricing at the moment. There has been positive news and now some negative news from the markets which has resulted in a balanced price.

“This is not causing prices to kick on. Our suppliers will see stability with their contracts whereas straight commodity contracts may be feeling a greater impact from depressed markets.”

Arla confirms prices for both conventional and organic milk for February will remain unchanged.

The UK manufacturing price will be 39.18ppl for conventional milk and 46.50ppl for organic milk.

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Arla Foods amba board director, Arthur Fearnall, stated that while global milk supplies are slowing down, EU milk supplies are expected to expand with seasonal increases in the spring.

Meanwhile, Müller has also announced a price of 36.5ppl for their suppliers.

First Milk has also recently publicised that its milk price will rise by 1p per litre this month, meaning milk prices for a manufacturing standard litre will be 37ppl, with the member premium.