Aberdeen is set to host a key international event on preventing and recovering from the growing threat of wildfires.

Organisers say the UK Wildfire Conference, to be held in November, is a globally-significant event which will explore the theme of 'Resilience in a Changing World'.

It will acknowledge the challenges that changing climate and the behaviours, expectations and attitudes of the public bring to an already complex situation.

The spate of wildfires across Scotland from March to June 2023 - including many in the Scottish Highlands involved hundreds of firefighters, gamekeepers, foresters and other estate staff and helicopters to tackle the blazes which generated plumes of smoke that were detected by NASA satellites in space.

In February this year, wildfires wreaked havoc in Australia and Chile, while in Texas fires across dry grass forced the evacuation of America’s main nuclear weapons facility.

The UK Wildfire Conference is expected to attract around 300 delegates from a range of backgrounds including land managers, regulatory and enforcement agencies, academics, environmental groups, community leaders and planners.

Director of The Heather Trust and chair of the UK Wildfire Conference 2024 steering group, Katrina Candy, said: “Wildfires impact so many communities across the world, bringing with it devastation to both humans and wider biodiversity. A collaborative approach with sustainable objectives is key to building resilience. This autumn’s flagship event provides a platform for high calibre speakers, knowledge exchange and connectivity to progress research and translate that into positive action.”

Vice-chair of the Scottish Wildfire Forum, Michael Bruce, said: “The Forum was established at a wildfire conference held in Aberdeen in 2004 - almost 20 years ago - after a difficult wildfire season in 2003. In fact, that season included the largest recorded wildfire in the UK – a 7,000ha blaze at Ardnamurchan.

“In this anniversary year, we are honoured to host the 2024 conference that showcases the significant improvements in prevention, preparedness and response techniques that land managers and fire services are implementing across the world to improve resilience in the face of increasing threats from wildfires in the UK.”