Tensions are rising as animal welfare crusaders take out legal proceedings against the European Commission as they fail to act upon a pledge to enforce cage-free farming.

The Citizens’ Committee of the End the Cage Age European Citizens’ Initiative (ECI) declared that the EU have 'failed to act on its promise to introduce legislation to ban cages'.

In 2021, the Commission promised to propose legislative measures for a ban on caged farming by the end of 2023. However, as of now, no such action has been taken.

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This legal action, filed at the Court of Justice in Luxembourg and supported by Compassion in World Farming, marks the first attempt to hold the Commission accountable for disregarding an ECI.

Representing the Citizens’ Committee Olga Kikou emphasised: “The European Commission promised EU citizens it would deliver a ban on cages.

"Not only has it failed the people, it has clearly failed the 300 million animals still suffering every day in cages. There is no justification for any further delay.

The campaigners assert their determination to pursue the cause until every cage is empty.