The recently appointed rural affairs secretary for Wales convened a summit of key representatives to discuss the impacts of the current, prolonged wet weather this week.

Huw Irranca-Davies said the meeting will explore potential interventions across the supply chain during the ‘exceptional circumstances some farmers are facing.’

He said changing climactic conditions and increasing weather extremes are affecting soil, water resources livestock.

He said: “Our future generations will be farming in much more challenging conditions, and we must act today to adapt and mitigate for this. It is essential that we take steps now to build resilience to the potential impacts of climate change.

“I fully recognise the impact the prolonged period of wet weather is having on our farmers, and I have seen first-hand the impacts it is having on our farmers during farm visits last week.

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“This is affecting all sectors by increasing costs and delaying work on the land which will have short, medium and long-term impacts.”

Mr Irranca-Davies also expressed concern about the impact of the protracted weather situation on the mental health of farmers.

He said: “I strongly encourage anyone suffering with stress or other mental health issues to ask for help. In this, the work of our farming charities is more important now than ever.

“We can all work to raise awareness of the help which is available, so that people can access the support they need, when they need it. My thanks go to all those who provide this crucial support across Wales.”

The minister concluded: “We are currently monitoring the impact the wet weather may have on farmers and growers in Wales, including through the UK wide Agriculture Market Monitoring Group.”