Jeremy Clarkson has opened up about the possibility of selling Diddly Squat Farm ahead of the new series of Clarkson’s Farm.

Speaking ahead of the return of the hit show, Mr Clarkson has addressed the future of the farm should the worse ever happen to the 64-year-old.

Clarkson's Farm series 3 launches globally on Prime Video on May 3, and features a bet between Kaleb Cooper and Mr Clarkson of who can make the most money on the farm.

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The former Top Gear host focuses on the ‘unfarmed’ land, thick woodland and hedgerows that make up half of Diddly Squat and Mr Cooper focuses on the ‘farmed’ land. 

The third series also focuses on some seriously daunting challenges at Diddly Squat Farm facing.

The crops are failing in the severe hot weather, inflation has driven prices of supplies sky high, and planning disputes continue with West Oxfordshire District Council as dreams for the beloved restaurant are dashed and now the farm shop also faces closure. 

Mr Clarkson has previously pened up on the financial strain of running Diddly Squat Farm and the harsh reality of the farming industry.

And this has seemed to put his children off keeping the farm when it is handed down to them as Mr Clarkson revealed his children don’t hold the same enthusiasm for farm life.

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The Clarkson’s Farm star was asked whether he has thought about retirement and closing down the farm in a new interview with the Guardian.

Hogan remarked that Mr Clarkson's three children would “turf her out” to cash in on the farm instead of keeping the family business going.

Mr Clarkson agreed with his partner despite a desperate plea to his children to keep Diddly Squat Farm as a family asset.

He told the publication: “I keep telling them, 'Listen, when I’m dead, I don’t want you to sell it'.”

However, he went on to add: "They look at me like, 'Are you joking?'"

But for now, the future of the farm remains bright with Amazon already giving the green light to a fourth season of the hit show.

Fozia Khan, Amazon Studios’ head of unscripted in the UK, announced the news last year with work already underway for the fourth series of the Prime Video UK original.

The show was first aired in summer 2021 with series two being released in February last year as it became the most-watched Prime Video original series in the UK.