The Scottish Government has accepted the recommendations of the Commission for the Land-Based Learning Review (CLBLR).

The CLBLR was established in 2021 with a remit to provide ministers with evidence-based recommendations to attract and equip people, particularly women and young people, with the skills and knowledge needed to work in Scotland’s land-based and aquaculture sectors.

The review covered a raft of sectors including agriculture, forestry, peatland restoration and biodiversity.

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The report makes a number of recommendations, including: identifying ways to support an increase in partnership learning pathways between the sector and schools and colleges; promoting the delivery of more outdoor learning by supporting local authorities and colleges to undertake a review of their estate; for the new Agriculture Scotland Bill, as part of Tiers 3 and 4, to include provisions to enable support to fund upskilling/continuing professional development training for farmers and employees; and undertaking research which identifies key transferable skills required across different job roles within the sector.

A joint ministerial statement by Mairi Gougeon and Jenny Gilruth said the Scottish Government had decided to accept the contents of the review.