A campaign calling for Scotland to become the first Rewilding Nation in the world, backed by Hollywood star Leonardo DiCaprio, is launching a new fundraising drive.

The Scottish Rewilding Alliance, a coalition of more than 20 organisations, is urging the Scottish Government to declare Scotland a Rewilding Nation in an effort to boost conservation strategies.


I was really hoping this was just a late April Fools news article but sadly it is not ! They want to take away our identity and cultural heritage of the indigenous people of the Highlands – ripping away our families future and ending our way of life completely.

Eliminating thousands of years of people and places in the Highlands – all these big nature charities, government quangos and national parks are all in on it.

We need to stop this now or rural Scotland especially the Highlands will change forever!

Ruaridh Ormiston, Crofter/farmer, Cairngorms National Park