David Buick, aged 45, took victory of the New Zealand Shears Open shearing final in Te Kuiti by a narrow 0.504 points, marking a significant career highlight.

However, Buick’s journey to this accomplishment was marked by a dreadful accident in October 2021. Crushed in a collapsing ditch on his farm, he sustained severe injuries, including complex pelvic fractures.

Months of recovery followed, during which he had to rebuild his physical strength and retrain his body to stand upright after being bedbound for so long.

Reflecting on his recovery, Buick acknowledged the challenges he faced, stating: “I could hardly walk 12 months on from the accident.”

Despite the setbacks, he set his sights on competing again, using the New Zealand Shears Open as a motivating goal. Buick’s resilience and determination paid off as he not only participated but took victory in the competition.

Buick’s return to competitive shearing showcased his remarkable resilience.

His recovery process involved not only physical recovery but also a deep analysis of his shearing technique, which ultimately led to improvements in his performance. Buick’s triumph served as an inspiration to others facing misfortune, as he highlighted the importance of mental strength and gratitude.

Celebrating his win, Buick humorously remarked on the rough journey home, highlighting his ability to find joy in the small moments despite the challenges he has overcome.