A one-day conference to be held later this month will showcase how biogas and anaerobic digestion can help Scotland meet its ambitious net zero targets.

Organisers say the announcement by the Scottish Government to drop its targets to reduce carbon emissions by 75% to 1990 levels by 2030 and introducing a new set of measures to achieve Net Zero by 2045, will undoubtedly drive proceedings at the event.

Organised by the Anaerobic Digestion and Bioresources Association (ADBA), the ADBA Scottish Conference 2024 will welcome biogas industry experts to explore how the sector can support Scotland with meeting its environmental and economic objectives.

The current energy minister is due to address the event alongside representatives from the leading opposition parties on what is expected to be a General Election year.

Chris Huhne, chair of the ADBA said: “Scotland can and should get back on track for a world-beating performance in tackling climate change, and the biogas sector can play a big part.

“Scotland is already home to the biggest producers of biogas in Britain, and our industry can expand rapidly to both provide energy security and capture the harmful methane emissions that are so damaging for global warming”.

Confirmed speakers at the event include energy minister Gillian Martin; Labour rural affairs spokesperson Rhoda Grant, Tory MSP Maurice Golden and Fiona Donalds of SEPA’s National Waste Unit.

Mr Huhne added: “We look forward to welcoming the energy minister at this conference.

“This will be a timely opportunity to set out the steps needed to speed up tackling climate change, and to engage with key decision-makers and stakeholders, whose expertise is crucial to the transition from fossil fuels to renewables.”

Organisers say the process can transform farm material, including slurries, crops, chicken litter, vegetable off-cuts, outgrade crops or animal by-products into a new income stream for the farm.

For a farm integrating on-farm AD plants into its business, around a third of the farm income may come from exporting energy.

This reduces the volatility of the farm’s income, helping farmers stay profitable in challenging market conditions whilst also supporting food security and stabilising food prices.

The event will take place at the P&J Arena in Aberdeen on 23 May.