As part of our election coverage, we’ll throw the spotlight on a different rural candidate who has never been elected to Parliament before.

This week, Tory hopeful Harriet Cross talks about her plans.

As a rural surveyor, I witness first-hand every day the fantastic work being carried out by our farmers, land managers and rural communities across Gordon and Buchan.

They are to thank for the appearance of our landscape, provide much-needed rural employment, and are an invaluable part of the local economy in these communities. But having worked with and alongside them, I also see the numerous pressures they are under right now.

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If I am fortunate enough to be this area’s next Member of Parliament, then residents living and working in this beautiful part of Aberdeenshire know they will have someone fighting for them who understands their needs.

All too often our rural economy has been ignored by a central-belt obsessed SNP government, or when they have decided to pay attention to this crucial part of Scotland, they have imposed detrimental demands that negatively impact our rural way of life and which interfere with what land owners, managers and farmers do best – which is to manage their land efficiently and sustainably.

Scotland, and Aberdeenshire in particular, are renowned for our high-class farming, top-quality produce, well-managed and dynamic estates, and remote yet vibrate communities. An MP accustomed to and in tune with the needs and way of life of our crucial rural sector is vital to ensuing their voices are heard and needs met.

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I am proud to call Aberdeenshire my home and workplace. I never fail to be amazed by the commitment and resourcefulness of those working the land across the country.

I will always stand up for our rural communities and businesses, the jobs they provide, and the millions they generate for Scotland’s rural economy. That is why I decided to take the leap and put myself forward to be MP for my home area.

If elected, I will take my passion for rural communities and agriculture with me. I will always put their interests firsts and ensure our farmers, land managers, crofters and wider agriculture sector can prosper for years to come.