Northern Irish machinery company Redrock has bought over English company Ktwo in an acquisition that hopes to expand Ktwo in Ireland and grow the company in North America.

The merger sees 70% of Ktwo’s staff retained and their dealer network staying the same. Their site in Buckinghamshire will also continue operations with all Ktwo associated products manufactured there. Ktwo’s full range of machines and spare parts will be still available to purchase with company founder Terry Kelloway stating: “It will continue to be business as usual.”

Speaking at June’s Royal Highland Show, Mr Kelloway alongside Redrock managing director Frank Flynn and Redrock director James Rooney were present as part of their first show as a merged business.

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Ktwo’s main product range includes muck spreaders, pushers and compactor trailers, and rodeo curve tippers while Redrock are specialists in liquid slurry.

Mr Rooney explained: “Merging with Ktwo will allow for Redrock to cater to solid manure users. This acquisition marks a significant milestone for Redrock group as we seek to enhance our product range and expand our network in the agricultural industry.

“We will continue manufacturing Ktwo products out of the Haddenham location whilst also supporting the Ktwo brand in the UK and Ireland through the existing dealer network.”