Two weeks to go to AgriScot 2023 – have you planned your day yet?

With just over a week to go until AgriScot 2023, on 22nd November, we reveal the Product Innovation Finalists, who will be exhibiting at the event.

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AgriScot Announces Product Innovation Finalists

ADF Milking Ltd

Innovation: InVent

ADF InVent is intelligent teat-by-teat in-liner venting. ADF InVent continuously controls vacuum levels inside the mouthpiece chamber of the liner on each teat throughout milking, ensuring cow comfort, maximising milk flow and minimising teat damage.

The Scottish Farmer: ADF milkingADF milking

ADF InVent introduces clean, filtered air into the mouthpiece of the liner when vacuum rises to a threshold level. This reduces vacuum levels back into the safe zone enabling milk to flow as fast as possible. ADF InVent treats every teat individually – controlling and optimising vacuum levels to keep within the “sweet spot” throughout milking.


Innovation: Tracesure Cattle XL

Complimentary to any type of farming operation and feeding system, Tracesure Cattle XL now enables farmers to supply cattle weighing over 500 kilograms with enough essential trace elements of cobalt, selenium, iodine, and copper (copper optional if required) for six months in one single application.

The Scottish Farmer: Animax Tracesure Cattle XLAnimax Tracesure Cattle XL

The Tracesure Cattle XL bolus is equivalent to the application of two or more of the alternative boluses in the market. The new patented waxed-groove diffusion technology in Tracesure Cattle XL has enabled safe doubling up in the quantity of essential trace elements, with 1,000 mg of selenium, without the risk of toxicity. Tracesure Cattle XL therefore minimizes the time and labour spent on trace element nutrition, and minimizes the stress imposed on the animal at bolusing.


Innovation: Swiftflo Personalised Milking

Dairymaster has put a renewed focus on core milking research and development, and is now providing the ability to personalise the milking process to each individual cow in the herd.

The Scottish Farmer: Dairymaster Swiftflo Personalised MilkingDairymaster Swiftflo Personalised Milking

The personalised milking control comprises three different elements:

• Increased pulsation rate for the first 60 seconds of cluster attachment to stimulate milk let down

• Dynamic pulsation rate and ratio depending on the stage of milk out

• Variable take-off

The three elements combine to promote higher average milk flow rate and shorter milking time.


Innovation: Grass & Crops

Grass & Crops, enables farmers worldwide to efficiently manage their farmland. Integrated into the Herdwatch app, it offers a range of benefits, including digital field record-keeping, instant access to soil health data, NPK usage tracking, monitoring of seeding events, crop health, and yields, high-resolution land management maps, record-keeping for sprays and fertilizers, task management with reminders, and multi-user access across various devices. It enables farmers to keep detailed records of everything that is happening in their fields, tracking costs and covering themselves for their farm assurance audit.


Innovation: Hoofshield Advance

Hoofshield Advance helps reduce the consequences of poor hoof health on dairy cow performance by providing a unique combination of disinfectant, surfactants, and conditioners to improve general hoof quality. Hoofshield Advance should be used as an integral part of a foot health management programme to help reduce the risk of disease-causing organisms and the spread of bacteria in dairy herds.

The Scottish Farmer: Neogen HoofsureNeogen Hoofsure

It has been proven to be 99.999% effective against the specific organisms responsible for digital dermatitis including Dichelobacter spp., Fusobacterium spp., Prevotella spp., and Treponema spp.

Semex UK

Innovation: Methane Efficiency Index

Every dairy producer in the world can now assess, monitor and ultimately reduce cow methane emissions and intensity quicker via an exclusive genomic test brought to market by Semex.

The Scottish Farmer: Semex Methane EfficiencySemex Methane Efficiency

Selection for methane efficiency could result in a 20-30% reduction in methane by 2050 depending on the selection intensity, with no negative impact on other cow traits. Selection at higher intensity would result in a 30% drop, while selecting at a more realistic and modest level would reduce it to a more achievable 20%. The trait is 23% heritable, which is comparable to production and the test has a 70% reliability.

smaXtec Limited

Innovation: TruAdvice

smaXtec's bolus-based health system has already achieved recognition for its unrivalled early detection. Now smaXtec has launched another world's first: Disease indication via artificial intelligence.

TruAdvice is a highly accurate probability measurement of mastitis with artificial intelligence. Depending on the pathogen, we can correctly detect mastitis in the range of 90%.

smaXtec’s artificial intelligence technology is based on precise and robust data measurements from INSIDE the cow which ensures best possible data quality. Thanks to our years of experience in measuring and analysing health data and the high-quality data from hundreds of thousands of cows, TruAdvice offers the opportunity to act even more proactively.

By providing an indication of emerging mastitis including a probability, farmers are able to act more with more confidence and go straight to problem solving instead of problem finding.

Meet the AgriScot Business Skills Competition Finalists

The AgriScot Business Skills, sponsored by NFU Mutual and supported by Scotland’s Rural College (SRUC), supports aspiring young professionals, aged 18 to 25 years of age, by encouraging them to think about the skills required to manage an agricultural business, whilst also connecting them with mentors and networks, to help with their personal and professional development.

Entrants had to answer the question What does a sustainable future look like for Scottish Agriculture? in order to make it through to the regional heats, where individuals visited a farm and had to provide their assessment of the business to a panel of judges.

The three finalists from these heats will now go forward to AgriScot 2023, where they will review one of the product innovation finalists, and deliver their thoughts, live on the day, to a new panel of judges.

The Scottish Farmer: Hector TomlynHector Tomlyn

Hector Tomlyn is from Duns in the Scottish borders and is third-year agriculture student at SRUC, Aberdeen campus. Not from a farming background, Hector has worked on a neighbour's farm during his holidays, to gain as much experience as possible. He has also spent two summers in Yorkshire supporting harvest. He plan is to finish his honours degree and then go travelling to learn different methods of agriculture, as well as continue to be an active member of his local Young Farmers club.

The Scottish Farmer: AgriScot finalist Ian CarlisleAgriScot finalist Ian Carlisle

Ian Carlisle studied at SRUC Barony (HNC) before going to SRUC Edinburgh to complete his bachelor honours degree. He works in the family beef and sheep farm in Dumfries, as well as supporting their abattoir and butchery business at Lockerbie. Away from work, he is a keen rugby player with Dumfries Saints.

The Scottish Farmer: Alexander MitchellAlexander Mitchell

Alexander Mitchell is in his third year studying Agriculture BSc (Hons) at SRUC Barony Campus. He has experience in many areas of agriculture including arable, beef, dairy and sheep. He competes in many Young Farmers competitions through his local club including stockjudging and the rally. His ambition is to grow his family farm business as well as becoming an agronomist.

The competition, which assesses individuals’ general business skills and awareness of agri-business issues, comes with a £1000 cash prize. In addition, new this year, the two individuals who come runners up will be presented with £250 each.