SCOTLAND'S DEER management groups are increasing the amount of information that they put in the public domain via the internet.

As a precursor to the Review of Deer Management, called for by the Scottish Parliament's Rural Affairs, Climate Change and Environment Committee, and scheduled to take place later this year, a lot more information about DMGs and their activities is appearing online.

Of Scotland's 44 DMGs, 25 now have an online presence, and the process of draft Deer Management Plans being posted to the web for consultation and comment is underway.

ADMG chairman Richard Cooke explained: "One of the criticisms that DMGs have faced is that not enough is known about them and how they operate. We have responded to this challenge to increase the transparency of DMGs.

"Over the coming months, as more draft Deer Management Plans are completed by groups, these will be posted in the public domain for comment. DMGs will also be encouraged to post the agendas of their meetings and their meeting minutes online, as well as holding open days and public meetings.

"The upland deer management sector is making great progress right now and we are keen that this dynamism and positive approach within the sector is recognised in the forthcoming review," said Mr Cooke.

The web portal for information about Scotland's Deer Management Groups is: