STEEP HILL – the world's leading cannabis science and technology company – has established a base in Jamaica to support small ganja farmers supplying newly-legal medical markets.

This month, the company took part in the island's annual Rastafari RootzFes event, which educates delegates about the benefits of medical and recreational cannabis, and celebrates developments in the newly-legal industry.

Steep Hill collaborated with the University of Technology in Jamaica at the festival weekend to provide accurate potency testing for the event, supporting the Rastafarian community and growers as the country's cultivation sector transitions to a legal environment.

The collaboration builds on a three-year strategic alliance between the company and the university, exploring the culture, science, and technology of cannabis in Jamaica. This collaboration supports the Jamaican government and market participants as the country develops and manages a culturally-appropriate, science-and-technology-based framework for the legalization, regulation, research, and taxation of medicinal cannabis.