Strathearn JAC member, James Taylor, Easter Ochtermuthill, came out on top at a Young Farmers' calf wintering competition at United Auctions, Stirling, on Monday, producing the Perthshire, Fife and Kinross champion and lead price per kg at 346.7p.

The event which included entries from Perthshire and Fife and Kinross as well as Lothian and Peebles Young Farmers, saw the first championship honours presented to a Limousin cross bullock scaling 600kg. It was bred at Dykebrae and purchased last October.

Runner up in this section was a January-born 574kg Charolais cross bullock from Wallace Mackie, The Ross of Perthshire JAC. Bred at Shanry, it made £1920.

Producing the best return on capital invested was an April-born Limousin cross bullock from Ailsa Taylor, Dall, of Aberfeldy JAC, which was originally bought for £670, and sold for £1320 to achieve a 97% profit. It was bred at Hillcrest.

A Charolais cross bullock from Grant Barr of West Fife JAC, produced the highest daily live weight gain of 1.48kg per day. Bred at Gribloch, it scaled 602kg and sold for £1770.

Pre-sale champion from Lothian and Peebles District was a September 2021-born 666kg Limousin cross heifer from Lisa Barr, Leyden, of Edinburgh JAC. Her calf was purchased in October for £1070 from High Bent, and went on to sell for the highest price per head of £2200, allowing Lisa to win the best return on capital invested with a 106% profit.

Runner up from Lothian and Peebles was a 578kg April born Limousin cross from Euan Pettigrew, Faskine, bred by Cloquhat, which made £2000. The same calf also achieved the best daily live weight gain of 1.45kg.

LEADING awards

Perthshire District and Fife and Kinross

Best presented bullock – Catrina Mackie, The Ross.

Best presented heifer – Wallace Mackie, The Ross.

Animal showing best profit (%) – 1, Ailsa Taylor, Dall (Aberfeldy) 97%; 2, Eve Cuthbertson, Balquancal (Kinross) 93%.

Best daily live weight gain – 1, Grant Barr, Easter Bucklyvie (West Fife JAC) 1.48kg; 2, Eve Cuthbertson, Balcanquhal (Kinross) 1.36kg.

Single bullock – 1 and champion, James Taylor, Easter Ochtermuthill 600kg, £2080; 2, Wallace Mackie, The Ross 588kg, £1780; 3, Emma Hunter, Easter Bucklyvie 598kg, £1910.

Single bullock – 1, Wallace Mackie, The Ross 542kg, £1800; 2, Harris Stewart, Dalbeathie 490kg,£1760; 3, Ben MacDonald, Meadows of Ballied 574kg, £1700.

Single heifer – 1, Charolais champion and overall reserve, Wallace Mackie, The Ross 574kg, £1920; 2, Alex McKenzie, South Lodge 566kg, £1880; 3, Dougie Adam, Muirdean 604kg, £1900.

Single heifer – 1, Ben MacDonald, Meadows of Ballied 486kg, £1920; 2, Eve Cuthbertson, Balcanquhal 474kg, £1520; 3, Haley Ryan, Dall 478kg, £1600.

Lothian and Peebles District

Single bullock – 1 and reserve, Euan Pettigrew, Faskine 578kg, £2000; 2, Euan Pettigrew, Faskine 592kg, £2000; 3, Alexander Cook, Kinneil Mill 596kg, £1860.

Single heifer – 1 and champion, Lisa Barr, Leyden 666kg, £2200; 2, Ewan Barr, Leyden 618kg, £2040; 3, Ewan Barr, Leyden 638kg, £1880.

Bullock best profit (%) – 1, Euan Pettigrew, Faskine (Bathgate) 102%; 2, Euan Pettigrew, Faskine (Bathgate) 92%; 3, Kirsty Pettigrew, Faskine (Bathgate) 83%.

Heifer best profit (%) – 1, Lisa Barr, Leyden (Edinburgh) 106%; 2, Ewan Barr, Leyden (Edinburgh) 91%; 3, Ewan Barr, Leyden (Edinburgh) 72%.

Best daily live weight gain – Bullock – 1, Ewan Pettigrew, Faskine (Bathgate) 1.45kg; 2, Mhairi Linklater, Coxydene (Lothian) 1.43kg; 3, Kirsty Pettigrew, Faskine (Bathgate) 1.31kg. Heifer – 1, Ewan Barr, Leyden (Edinburgh) 1.15kg; 2, Ewan Barr, Leyden (Edinburgh) 1.11kg; 3, Lisa Barr, Leyden (Edinburgh) 1.06kg.