SIR, – Alistair Fergusson makes a good point that the reintroduction of Lynx is so they can kill deer (though they would also kill foxes and badgers), allowing the regeneration of woodland and an explosion of biodiversity, provided sheep are excluded.

Certainly, all environmentally oriented organisations would welcome the return of the lynx to these isles – as would, I believe, many animal welfare pressure groups, particularly the RSPB – as the sheer volume of species that would thrive as a result of the reintroduction of lynx would outweigh any suffering.

Lynx are regarded as a more suitable 'keystone species' to reintroduce than wolves (although it's thought they were hunted to extinction here many years before the wolf) as they presented less of a threat to sheep.

Although wolf packs may be more effective – indeed around Glen Affric, in the Highlands, the Trees for Life group has been experimenting with human wolf packs. Not killing deer but attempting to make them avoid certain areas.

This, of course, begs the question – what if fox hounds were to start hunting deer? They would be acting just like a wolf pack, but controlled and safe for livestock.

Ben Douglas