Dear BES participants

I am aware of the difficulties that some of you have had in completing aspects of the Beef Efficiency Scheme 2016 requirements. I want to reassure you that you will not be penalised immediately for missing deadlines.

Many of you at this time will have received a warning letter informing you that you now have a further four weeks to complete any missing data from 2016.

BES is a new scheme which is unlike other CAP schemes. For this reason, the Scottish Government has taken the view that where there has been non-compliance, it was more appropriate to issue a warning letter in the first instance, rather than immediately apply any penalties.

Those who received a warning letter have been given to December 27 to complete all of the relevant information and I would strongly urge all participants to ensure that they meet this date to qualify for the maximum possible BES payment.

If we do not receive all relevant information by December 27, 2017, European Commission regulations require us to award a reduced payment.

However a reduced payment would not prevent you from taking part in the scheme in future.

If you would like to speak to someone for help and assistance please contact the Beef Efficiency Scheme on 0300 244 9555 or via their mailbox

Fergus Ewing

Rural Economy Secretary