SIR, – Firstly, we would like to thank The Scottish Farmer for publishing an earlier letter publicising our charity day.

On the occasion itself, of a family event held at Rumbleton on a very damp July day, donations were received for three hospitals. They have now been given £1500 each as result.

The Rheumatology Department of the Borders General Hospital, Melrose, will use the money for specialist training for ancilliary staff; the Royal Infirmary of Edinburgh’s donation will be used by their Cardio Thoracic Fund for equipment and enhanced patient care; and the National Aspergillosis Centre, at Wythenshawe Hospital, Manchester, were the third recipient, with funds going to the Fungal Infection Trust for research.

Over many years as a family, we have received excellent care from the NHS, from local surgeries to the main hospital treatment centres and from the size of the donations received it would seem, so have many others! Many thanks to all who donated. The hospitals were delighted to receive the funds.

Our best wishes to everyone for Christmas and for 2018.

Jimmie and Agnes Barrie
Rumbleton Farm, 

Ps. Found – A blue kagool size 14 with chewing gum in one pocket and dog poo bag in the other! Lost – A large size blue kagool with empty pockets! (Please contact Agnes on 07796550695)