SIR, – Why should farmers stay off the new Aberdeen bye-pass, which is still yet unfinished or fully open, and 20 years behind need?

Simple, to allow those of us with 9-5 jobs to get to work on time. Don’t they realise that’s in their best interests! Why? To pay the taxes that currently pay their Basic Farm Payments.

So, I’d suggest that they stay off the new bye-pass and allow us commuters free, unrestricted access to get to and from our work. You can use it when we are at our desks then keep it clear again to allow us to get back to our holdings at 5pm.

So, a simple solution.

Commuters have it Monday to Friday, between 0700-1000 and 1600-1900. Tractors and agricultural vehicles below 40 kph can use it the other 18 hours of the day and at weekends whenever they wish.

Livestock into Thainstone put in the day before to be on the safe side!

A good pragmatic solution to keep everybody happy!

Interestingly, on the Continent (I mean mainland EU countries), they ban slow vehicles from roads at times to keep traffic flowing. So, they’re maybe not so dumb as some think!

Farmer and A96 commuter ...

Ian Duncan