I am not at all surprised that 32 organisations representing ‘a very broad swathe of the UK’s farming and food and drink supply chain’ have written ‘on a matter of great urgency and of deep concern’ telling Michael Gove, the Defra Minister, they don’t ‘have the physical resources or organisational bandwidth to engage with…policy consultations’ but instead are ‘totally focused on working to mitigate the catastrophic impact of a no-deal Brexit’.

This clever fool Gove has been churning out initiative after initiative – on cows farting causing climate change, proposals to reduce the number of cattle and sheep in Britain by 50%, changes to farming subsidies which really are greenplating massive cuts to subsidies, reforestation of places like the Lake District where trees can’t grow because they can’t get a tap root through impermeable rock, banning wood burning stoves and open wood fires, inventing bottle deposit schemes and a host of other pet projects.

No wonder the food and farming industry just wants him to belt up. No one has any time for his nonsense when they are trying to cope with the cluster f..k of issues caused by Brexit.

And what a week it has been so far and it’s only Monday, when I write this! Gavin Williamson the ‘Private Pike stupid boy’ Defence Secretary announces he is to send an aircraft carrier without aircraft to China to intimidate the Chinese, but he didn’t know it isn’t ready until 2021.

Failing Grayling the Transport Secretary appears in the Commons to defend his decision to award a ferry contract to a firm with no ferries which he has now had to cancel and is defended by Tory Brexiteers. The Brexiteers say that ‘Uber doesn’t own cars does it!’ But they fail to spot that Ramsgate is too small a harbour for most ferries anyway – even if Seaborne had ferries, which it doesn’t.

Amber Rudd the Work and Pensions Secretary admits what everyone knows, that food banks are swamped because of the introduction of Universal Credit but doesn’t really say what she plans to do about it. Then Hammond the Chancellor is shocked to find that the UK economy is almost the worst performing in Europe, just slightly better than the Italian economy, and has been shrinking recently and that unless a miracle happens we are going to have a nasty Brexit induced recession. As every family in Britain is £1400 worse off a year because of Brexit there is already a consumer recession as every retailer knows!

Do we really deserve such an appalling Government? Such an incompetent shower of ever more hopeless individuals as Ministers?

I just hope all the 32 organisations join our Greenjackets, the ‘Gilets Vert’. It looks promising that these organisations are rising up in the face of the towny provocation of the woeful Michael Gove and telling him to ‘go forth and multiply’. We must all join together in the quest to take back control from this man! We want a second referendum to vote down this Brexit nonsense and a General Election to turf out Gove and my useless Tory MP Rory Stewart, who has no local achievement to point to after nine years, but he does have more books about himself which he has managed to find time to write.

I intend to stand against him as the ‘Keep Penrith and Eden Special Candidate’. I was deadly serious when I said I was going to stand up against this party who has left me and no longer represents my interests or those of my family and friends. Pity your readers can’t vote for ‘Specials’ too.

Adrian Hill

Woodside Farm




CA10 2AP