Sir, – Mr Clement's comments on beavers (The SF June 1) deserves serious consideration by our politicians.

For far too long it seems to me that conservation charities, like the RSPB and various trusts, have championed protectionism, without considering the long-term effect on other wildlife and farmers.

Readers will note past letters in these pages from Mr Strang-Steel, from the Borders, and Mr MacDonald, from Benbecula. They were also concerned about the decline of our song and ground-nesting birds, plus the continuing predation on lambs in the Western Isles by raptors, with no obvious solutions.

Rivers and their migratory fish are important to Scotland. Our smolts are getting hammered, both by avian and mammalian protected species before they can get to salt water. And, licences to adjust the balance are very difficult to obtain due to bureaucracy and objections from the powerful protectionist lobbies.

Talking about rivers, whenever any charity group cast their views at our Department of Environment's Roseanna Cunningham, she seems to rise too quickly to take the bait. Fergus Ewing should reel her in a wee bit and keep a tight line!

Mr Clement's sensible and down-to-earth management plans should be the way forward, which considers both the welfare of our wildlife and those who work in our countryside.

The politicians should start the conversation by having a re-look at this latest EU/UK protection of beavers.

Mike Luti