SIR, – It's tragic that Chris Packham has lost all sense of responsibility for conservation given his publicity surrounding the tale about the supposed disappearance of two golden eagles (Charlie and Adam).

It was all very well staged-managed, well photographed, and they were tagged etc, yet there were no independent groups or organisations to verify if they ever really existed. This is nothing to do with conservation, but simply to create conflict, anger and frustration in the countryside.

Mr Packham is seemingly blinded to the damage he is really doing to a great many endangered species. His arguments about conservation do not add up and his only agenda would appear to be to target field sports, gamekeepers and farmers.

He has got what he wanted, ie a lot of the media attention, especially from his pals at the BBC, despite using incorrect information with regard to the damage that raptors and predators are doing in the countryside to a great many threatened species

While the effect they have also had on farm livestock, affecting livelihoods for farmers and crofters, will not weigh heavily on his mind, he should show more acceptance to what predation is doing to the likes of ground nesting birds.

It is nearly impossible to get the right message across when people and government departments are pouring money into modern conservation groups, like the RSPB, on a great many wildlife projects that are that are a complete waste of time and money, and really doing nothing for conservation.

Without proper specie management and appreciation of people's livelihoods in rural areas, we will lose a great many wonderful species, such as those at risk ground nesting birds, song birds and waders.

Patrick Sleigh


Hillhead of Daviot,