Sir, – Listening to the debate of the Prime Ministerial ‘hopefools’ from the beginning – they all pledged the impossible.

Even some of them were backtracking on what they said – the question is are any of them capable of telling the truth?

How is our life going to change if any of them got into power?

Will we become the 53rd state of the USA – and all our farming will be ruined, our way of life, our NHS, etc, will all be sold to the highest bidder.

We are just a wee country that has a tendency to box above our weight. We are in the middle of a nightmare, that is fuelled by lie after lie. We have pied pipers gathering fanatics, shouting from television screens about how rosy our lives are going to be if we leave the most stable institution that we have enjoyed for 40 years!

All those story tellers don’t give a hoot about what is going to happen to our farms and crofts: ‘Leave it for butterflies’ – that quote sums it all up!

Oh yes, our climate is going to get really bad, plain evil that our politicians are holding us to ransom on a referendum on policy that was based on questionable politicians, before the Tory party announced that we were going to have a say to stay or leave Europe. All the jargon was lies and evil lies at that. How can anyone make a judgement based on lies!

Farming commodity prices are falling – beef, lamb, poultry are all in decline!

So all you fanatics that voted to leave, where are you going to sell your calves and lamb this year?

Angus A Macdonald