NOW HERE’S an idea for coo men. The famous Longleat Zoo has been turning droppings from its herd (?) of koala bears into paper ... now that’s recycling!

Just think how much paper could be produced from a 2500-strong herd of Holsteins! The process extracts the fibre from the dung – and there are already such things used on many farms – and the fibres are then processed into being fit for purpose by mixing with other recycled waste material.

So, for every sheet – careful how we spell that – of Longleat Koala Poo paper, there could be reams of Coo Dung Cardboard, or you could dress it up with a fancy name like Le Papier du Holstein merde?

C’mon you big guys out there, add value to your slurry!

What’s in a street name?

THE GREAT Perth Bull Sales might have made the transition south to be renamed the Stirling Bull Sales, but their presence lives on in the former site of the mart on Crieff Road, at the edge of Perth.

A new housing development there carries on the bull sale sentiments, at least in name, with thoroughfares like Charolais Lane and Old Mart Road.

However, The Raider thinks they should maybe have captured some of the character of the bull sales by the likes of Jack-in-the-box Avenue, Rusty Nail Road, Straw Stealers Street, Leggat’s Lane and who wouldn’t fancy a trip up Ronnie Sabiston’s Cul-de-sac?