TSF EDITOR Ken Fletcher was unavailable to compile this edition’s Raider column due to a prior engagement – namely his wedding to long-time partner Fiona Sloan, formerly a Bluefaced Leicester Sheep Society secretary, regular singing star-turn at TSF Burns Suppers and now a successful organiser of international agri-tourism.

Perhaps Fiona’s globetrotting career has taken the shine off international travel for her, because we have it on good authority that the newly-hitched couple’s first destination is to be this weekend’s Moffat Show.

Congratulations to Mr and Mrs Fletcher-Sloan from all of us!

Kitty delicacy for Skye’s sea eagles

AS IF re-introduced sea eagles haven’t caused enough drama within the farming community, it appears they are turning to a new source of food – cats.

A crofter on the Isle of Skye has reported seeing what he at first thought was a rabbit being carried off in an eagle’s talons, but much to his horror realised was in fact a cat– and stressed that this wasn’t an isolated incident because he had since seen it happen again.

He also told The SF that two of the six sea eagles which have been recently reintroduced to the Isle of Wight as part of a trial were taken from two of the nests nearby his croft in Waternish.

Sea eagles attacking lambs may not get the attention farmers were hoping for, but maybe this new feline focus could stir some interest if the birds take their new dietary preferences with them to the popular retiree island.

Making a mess at Midlock

IT WAS an exciting old time for the Wight family last week, what with Midlock Capaldi going through the ring at Lanark for an eye-watering 200,000gns, and most of the Scottish forestry industry descending on Little Clyde farm for the huge Forestry Expo machinery showcase.

Perhaps with all that on his mind, Alan Wight senior can be forgiven for not focussing on the maintenance work ongoing at the steading. Rushing by the assembled workers as he walked into the yard, he nodded and waved as they called out to him, but clearly took none of what they were telling him in, as he departed seconds later, on his quad bike with two dogs riding shotgun – straight through a freshly laid bed of concrete...