Breathing space for brock

Old brock must be celebrating the length and breadth of England and Wales after new PM Boris Johnson stepped in to end the controversial badger cull, specifically in Derbyshire.

Sources claimed it was a direct intervention from Boris which stopped the cull and environment secretary, Theresa Villiers, said that it was related to 'specific local circumstances.'

Let's hope The Treasury will foot the bull when TB comes calling on local farms.

A humphy-back to the show

AS usual there were more than a few burst baws coming home from Dalmally Show, last weekend, but in what might just be a first, David Morrison, Dalwyne, Barr, turned up as a burst baw late at the start of the day for his judging assignment.

Normally a tricky job sorting out the horny Blackies at Dalmally, his job was made even harder by the stress of having a puncture in his pick-up just before he got to the Erskine Bridge while on his way north from Ayrshire. This was nearly two hours away from the hallowed auction mart which plays home to the show.

Ever resourceful, the Dalwyne team – David and his shepherd, Andrew McMillan – called in a recovery truck to give them and the vehicle a humphy-back to the show, where, luckily, a local tyre fitter sorted the job out for the run home.

We are presuming that Andrew was, by then, in charge of the chariot, given the usual hospitality at this cherished event.

Trousers down

Never trust these electronic doors they now have in train stations!

Teuchter Donald Fletcher, from Persabus, on Islay, was making his way back north from a Dumfries-shire wedding (which may have been his cousin Ken Fletcher's betrothal), and decided to relieve himself while waiting for the train to Glasgow, in Lockerbie station.

As the door shut behind him he thought that was that, until a wee wumman decided to open the door which he had thought locked.

I think there may have been more than one red face on the go ... and they did not sit near each other on the train!