Sir, – When the e-mail from NFUS arrived a couple of weeks ago, giving us details of its proposal of how to divvy up Scotland’s hard fought for convergence cash, my first reaction was, surely this must be a printing error.

What I thought it really meant to say was: 75% of the cash to Regions 2 and 3 and a very generous 25% to Region 1 [where payments are closest to the EU average]. However, it was no printing error.

For years, Scotland’s hill farmers with most of their area in Regions 2 and 3 have lobbied Westminster to get this stolen EU cash repatriated back to the hills to where it belongs and it was only with their persistence and determination, it proved successful. Don’t forget, it was because of these very low rough grazing payments that this EU cash may finally arrive next April.

When this injustice first took place a few years back, we didn’t hear any outcries and uproars from East Lothian or Fife and you certainly won’t hear any now!

If the Scottish Government is serious about supporting and saving our hill farms in the Southern Uplands and Highlands and Islands it should make sure this 'typing error' is corrected, or that The SF's front page headline 'Uproar in the hills' may be an understatement and NFUS membership in the hills will disappear along with the stock.

Ogilvie Jackson


Ettrick Valley,