Keen to help out ...

THERE'S been a general call put out for people to help the NHS with some menial roles so that its front line staff are freed up to do more important work.

However, it was suggested last week that all those shepherds out there with tonnes of lambing experience could help out in maternity wards!

While it would be public spirited, I think there may be more to the job than a bit of binder twine and Fairy Liquid involved! That said, maybe a wee skoosh of iodine would help keep things sanitised!

Down a hole

THERE'S been a wee accident in the Borders.

Apparently, Billy Renwick, Blackhouse, was inspecting a drainage job a little too closely recently ... and fell doon the hole.

Such was his predicament, that Billy had to summons the digger driver to assist his escape. So anyone who saw a JCB with a rather robust gentleman dangling from the front bucket, will now know why!