NORMALLY we would have been suffering from the post-Highland Show blues this week – and delivering you Scotland's best coverage of this iconic event. But, as we know, it's been the blues all week as the farming public mourned the temporary loss if its showpiece event.

And, it's not going to get any better. While the industry has largely been sheltered up to now from the full economic impact of the various machinations of the pandemic, 'winter's coming' as it was so well put in that well-known book and TV series, Game of Thrones.

Our economy is in freefall and while the country is still living off government economic stop-gaps, this will soon severely restrict incomes in the next few months, or even years. Many consumers will have much reduced spending power and it is though that unemployment may rise by up to 30%.

That means food prices will be one area that will be hit and there has never been a better time – when an easy spring has reduced costs considerably for both livestock and arable farmers – to make plans for a frugal winter and get the house in order.

Even a moderate harvest, but got well, is much needed and the continuing abundance of grass can only bode well for cattle and sheepmen for the winter ahead.

Time to batten down the hatches, make good the weather-tight seals and hold on ... it's going to be a bumpy ride.

Thanks to you!

RESILIENCE is a favourite term to attach to agriculture and that was much apparent in last week's attempt to bring some sort of 'Highland Show' to the public via the web.

We tried our best with our TSF Kist Party on three nights of the show and are grateful for the support of those who watched it. And what a great depth of talent was on display.

The SF is grateful, too, for those who have taken part in our Champion of the Decade programme which has run since lockdown forced the abandonment of this year's Royal Highland.

Two stats certainly gladdened our hearts. By the time you read this, 100,000 people could've watched the videos of our 'kist parties' and almost 10,000 will have voted in our Champion of the Decade contests. We thank you all very much for that support during these difficult times.