So Mr Lamont, you think I do not know the difference between production standards in other countries and UK import standards?

Well let’s see, other countries like for instance the USA, set their own production standards, where they allow hormones to boost beef production , different rules on antibiotic use, traceability of animals and produce, GM in animal food, and different welfare standards in general.

Now UK import standards should be set by our government (that’s you and your crew) to be the same if not better than the standards which we as farmers in the UK have to strictly abide by, with none of the aforementioned allowed.

Mr Lamont, I have no interest in changing other countries' production standards, only that you make sure this government do not allow substandard produce to undermine farming and food production in the UK. As I said in my published letter, you had the chance to vote in a Bill that could have laid down the ground rules on imports.

Mr Lamont, what you write in the rest of your letter leaves me confused – you are trying to run with the hare and hunt with the hound.

Well, I had better go and shovel some more of it, as you seem to be still talking a lot of it.

P.s. Where do you stand on the wearing of face masks? Have you made your mind up yet?

James Barrie,

Rumbleton Farm,