IT'S a frenetic time of year for the sheep boys, what with tup sales and breeding yowe sales – and now the time is upon us for finding out whether the damned expensive new purchase is going to work or not.

That wasn't the problem for Ted Fox, when he went to AB Europe's Edinburgh base with three ewes to be flushed with fresh semen. Great idea ... using modern technology to multiply the best breeding lines.

The only problem was that when he arrived he found out that he had forgot the ram that was going to be producing the fresh semen for the flush! A red-faced Ted had to go back home to get the ram – he must've felt like the man who took a sandwich to a feast!

Nursing her wrath

It's been another confusing week of Covid-19 regulations, but I did hear of one laugh. Nurse Catherine 'Ethel' McKechnie, from France Farm, Gartocharn, had one of her patients 'escape' recently from the nursing home she was working in.

Rumour has it that she was seen running(?) down Helensburgh Main Street shouting 'Stop' in the full PPE nurse's regalia, visor mask, uniform ... and the old tongue hanging out. It seemed that there might have been some unnecessary attention from passing van drivers to this sight.

Bob's aff

I hear Bob Cuninghame (note, posh spelling), from Neriby, on Islay, has relocated to the Moray Coast in some style after his recent dispersal sale and even a farewell 'handshake' – it could even have been a Golden one? – from his landlords.

Along with wife, Liz, he's moving north to Nairn to be closer to family up that way ... but he couldn't be parted from his beloved Series 1 Land Rover. That said, they almost had to wrench the keys out of him for his vintage 1946 Fordson Major and the 'big tractor', his Ford TW20 150HP with only 6000 hours on the clock.

It'll be a big miss for many not to partake of some refreshment with Bob and Liz after the annual Islay Show ... but I'm sure we'll all meet up with him again. From experience, the Bunnahabhain is always on standby!