Sir, It is sad to hear that an Orkney farmer has lost out on an advert he saw on eBay, and that the account was fake.

Now eBay claims that they vet all adverts and that the farmer just might be able to claim his money back.

Should there be a record compiled of all the rogue traders that work in the agriculture sector of the UK, similar to the programmes that one can view on the telly, where they name and shame rogue traders?

Every farmer and crofter has had their fingers burnt by those that sell second hand machinery and their 'Fart guarantees'. The same can be applied to those that sell livestock with untrue health status when your herd or flock will go into a 'Snake and ladder' concept.

According to HSE website, no machinery that has a lifting device must not be sold without a LOLER certificate that covers telehandlers and tractor with loaders or any tool that can be attached .

It also covers new machines with loader, and if the machine is involved in an accident HSE should be informed, and also the dealer/trader has the liability, if he sold the machine without a LOLER.

In the 70s, the UK government took out a law that a tractor that was not fitted with a ROP/FOP cab should have a rollover bar fitted to save life if the vehicle overturned. What has happened to this law as the quad bikes under insurance are treated as tractors, and yet it is recorded year after year on deaths due to rollover?

The legal road speed on a UK tractor is 17mph

I could list many rogue traders that operate in Scotland – it would give me great satisfaction to see their names in print!!

Angus A Macdonald,