Having lived all my life on the edge of the Atlantic on Benbecula in the Outer Hebrides, I see the sun rising in the East and setting in the West, the tides come in and go out, sometimes in rage and in peace! That's knowledge!!

The seaweed, that at one time the crofters depended on for fertiliser for crops, ripen and are beach cast in November,in March and in May.

The Druid calender that has recorded the weather that one expects in the beginning of the year, you get a week of summer at the end of February then the wind swings to the North and you set so many different days until a dry cold spell in the middle of March then you hurtle through spring!

Why has this calender changed – surely it must change next year if the knowledge presented to us by science is correct?

One thing that has changed we put down to the not so many planes heating the upper atmosphere, the weather is more like when I was younger, and long may it last.

Is there really global warming? Some say yes and some say no, so which camp is right?

Is it the camp of reason? Or the camp with the most money?

Astrophysicists claim that it is the planets that control our weather systems, while opposing side claims that it burning fossil fuels releasing carbon or that it is farting cows producing methane gas that is at fault?

Could it be that the World has always had a changing climate system but now with a faster news system we will hear about it next day.

The UK has declared that it is going to be carbon neutral (political speak), so in nine years time there will be a block of World airspace over the UK, with no carbon or methane, being produced, so how are we going to protect this Shangri La,?

Will we be able to control the wind from the EU?

Gaelic proverb:That what comes with the wind, goes with the rain.

Angus A Macdonald,



ps There are more holy cows in India than all the cows in the UK