Sir, – I write to agree with Robert Macintyre's letter in last Friday's edition, about this year's Royal Highland Show ticketing arrangements.

It's usually a day out to cater for everyone and no other day like it! Pre-booking the car park is a bad idea – what was wrong with the way it was before?

If taking cash at the various gates on entering the showfield is a problem, in this day and age why not use chip and pin, to take cash out of the equation?

Mr and Mrs Joe Public and their kids have turned up in their thousands for the family days in the past, Saturday and Sunday. Many members and life members worked hard to promote this family weekend to the public. But how are they to know that it's now online booking only?

If they turn up at the gate this year and are turned away, I can guarantee you, they won't be back.

Back in the autumn of 2020, the headline in the letter to members was 'support our future' – but a huge amount of folk who responded to that letter will be disappointed by this new ticketing policy. If the same letter was sent out in April, 2022, how much response financially would they get back?

Is the Highland Show for folk who love the countryside and rural life, not a concert at the Hydro? If so, this is the wrong way of going about selling tickets.

Think again!

David Cunningham, Walkerdyke Farm, Strathaven.