Sir, – RHASS has attracted a shedload of negative PR during the past year and has successfully infuriated and alienated members, and non-members, alike.

The new requirement for members to go online for our entry passes, or be denied admittance, really puts the tin hat on it. ‘Covid restrictions’ is the feeble excuse and evidently there’s no Plan B to cater for the happy possibility that restrictions might be lifted, which is now the case.

And then we find that RHASS, having limited daily numbers to 50,000, plans to sell members’ tickets which might otherwise go unused. Without asking our permission. Cheeky, eh?

Presumably, we too may sell our own spare tickets, or gift them to friends and family, and instruct RHASS to re-allocate them to the new recipients. No doubt there will be a reason why this can’t possibly be done.

The sale of members’ spare tickets will provide a nice wee windfall which should be donated, on members’ behalf, to RSABI – or indeed any of the charities which work hard to alleviate hardship and misery.

Since it’s a windfall from the sale of tickets which would otherwise not have generated any revenue for RHASS, it will not be missed and, as most RHASS members would probably agree – it’s the right thing to do.

Maimie Paterson, Upper Auchenlay, Dunblane, Perthshire.