Re. Jim Walkers' Farm View 2 12 It’s always interesting to read something from someone who speaks as they feel sadly his concerns about blinkered politics don’t just apply to Scotland.

However intentioned devolution has played a part in the rise of nationalism in all the nations of the UK With focus England Scotland and Wales could easily look after themselves but what becomes of Ulster Unionists if there’s no Union. Devolved governance has led to segregated politics with more politicians civil servants and jobs and jolly’s for the boys who have little concept of risk and reward in the real world or what it takes to give nations and business the space to develop and prosper.

Federal governance would lead to integrated politics with vastly fewer central politicians and civil servants and no need for a House of Lords with governance risk and reward and its consequences entirely the responsibility of each nation under the umbrella of Federal democracy.

With the stability of a constitutional monarchy the nations of the UK would have the incentive security and space to develop and prosper. Sadly as Federal governance would mean less power and influence and jobs and jolly’s for the boys for those in power at the top of each nation there is more likelihood of turkeys holding a committee meeting to discuss Christmas, than the UK ever becoming a Federal democracy.

John Maxwell, Soham, Cambridge