Over the years I have enjoyed Jim Walker’s articles in The Scottish Farmer. I am also very conscious that when he was President of NFUS he made a great contribution, particularly during the Foot and Mouth epidemic.

I do regret that he has become so confrontational. In his last article in The Scottish Farmer, I thought that by insulting the office bearers of NFUS and particularly the President he went well over the top.

During the Better Together campaign in 2014 which I was involved with, I got to know the campaign leader Alistair Darling, whom I came to greatly admire. He was no soft touch, but he always treated his adversaries with respect. I am very sure that the success of the campaign was largely down to Alistair’s example.

I have no doubt Jim Walker has some valid arguments to make; I wish that he would make them and drop the vicious and undignified personal attacks that do nothing to promote his cause.

Willie Porter, West Scryne.