It is a great privilege to be allowed a voice in a National Newspaper and something that I for one take very seriously. I certainly don’t hold back if I have a strong opinion on issues that cross my path and call out those responsible when necessary.

So, it was with a great deal of disappointment to read Jim Walkers' opinion piece (2/12/23) as he took, I think far too personal an attack on Martin Kennedy NFUS president.

Martin was re-elected in February unopposed for his second term and everything he has done including co-chairing the ARIOB committee was agreed with the NFUS board of directors who represent over 8500 members so a mandate to engage with the Government, something our English cousins would give their right arms to have.

It's very easy to bang the drum on issues we are passionate about but this is not the first second or third time Martin has been personally attacked and going by the reaction of some NGO's who do not have any idea about real farming are delighted to see this disharmony and negative press as it only fits their agendas.

We really need, especially just now, to have an outbreak of peace, this petty bickering does no good to our great industry and to those who choose to use inflammatory language.

As I have alluded to, I have no problem with opinions but when the language used detracts from the debate then the people you want to influence just switch off.

Andrew Moir, Laurencekirk.