Scottish soils are getting drenched daily as near-consistent rain hits much of the country.

Any work in the fields is impossible unless your machine comes with flippers and a snorkel. Despite the weather, tractors have been out in force across the country for charity runs to raise money for good causes.

From Stronsay to Strathmore, the farming community has been cheering up the nation by showcasing the machines that have been putting food on the table. These grassroots events are brilliant at showing the positive and practical side of the industry.

Even our fellow farmers in Germany have been getting in on the action. Although their reasons to hit the road were out of desperation rather than to delight the public.

German farmers have been driving to Berlin to protest against planned cuts to tax breaks for red diesel. Our continental cousins have always held farmer rallies more regularly than us in Britain, but perhaps it is time to take some inspiration from abroad.

As the Prime Minister mulls over when best to hold a UK election in 2024, reminding the public where food comes from would be no bad thing. We could even take a run down the Royal Mile to Holyrood to ask again when the millions of pounds swiped from the farm budget will be back in the rural payments pot. Standing by and watching our industry being dismantled in the dark is not an option.

Reading the survey results from the English NFU’s horticulture report is enough to sober up even the wildest of Hogmanay revellers. It is a travesty if growers cannot head forward with confidence in this much-needed sector. These perishable products should have robust and collaborative supply chains so that domestic fruits and vegetables can be on British plates every day of the year.

Flying in products from across the globe makes a complete joke of our carbon footprint. In the future, flying anywhere is likely to be less regular unless planes start to run on renewable energy. But why would we need to fly anywhere when there is a fantastic summer of agricultural events set out in this week’s Show and Sale directory.

As the rain beats down at the back door, we can all plan our summer show season, dreaming of having ice cream in our hand whilst watching the best livestock in the world parade around the main ring. The sun will return, it surely can’t rain forever.